Friday, May 28, 2010

Weigh In

I finally decided to weigh myself. I was a little unhappy but decided to look on the bright side. Dark side: I only lost 2 lbs since my last weigh in. Bright side: I'm finally out of the 180s. I've been trying to diet as much as a compulsive overeater can. I pretty much live off of yogurt, oranges, and salads. I sneak in some chicken once in a while, but try to keep it boiled. No grease or oils. It is difficult because I love cheese. I live and breathe for Cabot brand Pepper Jack cheese on Thin Crisp parmesan Triscuits. I once ate a whole block of cheese in one night. Then I remember that that is how I got to be 200 lbs in the first place. This weekend is memorial day weekend. I'm not too into burgers and hotdogs, its the sweets that worry me. The cakes, the ambrosia salad. I spent the past couple days fasting but today I slipped a bit. Jim wanted subway, so i got a turkey sub, with mayo. So ashamed. Its nothing a trip to Planet Fitness won't fix.

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