Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Body Dismorphic Disorder

Recently I made a list of things I hate about my physical appearance. I've decided to post it here. I'm hoping other people will be able to see what BDD can do to you, and also strive to overcome it, or not fall into it.

From Head to Toe:
  • I have aloepecia
  • When I don't wear make up I look like a boy
  • I have bad skin, dark spots
  • I have thin lips
  • I have too many chins
  • My neck is thick
  • I have a slight hump on my back from scoliosis
  • I have flabby arms (I call them bingo wings.)
  • I have funky fingers with weak nails (does that count for 2?)
  • My tummy is too big
  • My ass is huge! (cellulite)
  • I have large trunk-like thighs (cellulite)
  • I have cankles
  • I have ugly feet

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