Tuesday, May 11, 2010


People (including myself) will try pretty much anything to lose weight. Currently I am trying a Master Cleanse. In the morning I drink a quart of sea salt water. During the day I drink a lemon, cayenne pepper, maple syrup concoction. At night I drink a laxative tea. The salt water did not go down very smooth but it did help to clean out my system. The lemon juice stuff is making it's way down and isn't half bad. I still have yet to try this tea I bought from our local organic food store.

Other ways I keep myself from over eating:
  • keep an elastic band on my wrist: When I feel like eating something that is unhealthy I snap my wrist with the band.
  • brush my teeth: no one wants to eat anything when they've just brushed their teeth!
  • chew gum: it curbs my appetite.
  • read labels: when I want that hostess cupcake I just read the fat content and calories and remind myself "You do not want to have to work that off later!"
  • exercise: if you're moving, you're not eating.
  • set realistic goals: I would rather say "I want to lose 15 lbs by the end of this month." Rather than "I want to lose 80 lbs in 4 months."
  • drink LOTS of water: water makes you feel full and hydrated.
  • don't weigh every day: you'll only end up discouraged. I weigh in every week, or every 4 days.

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